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Frequently Asked Questions

CRBI is a school of higher adult education that provides sound biblical studies, along with training in ministry and leadership skills, to help individuals become prepared to do the work of the ministry in local churches, on the mission field, and in other areas of Christian service. The overall goals of the Institute are making the gospel of Jesus Christ known to the lost throughout the world and edifying believers.

Without reservation, all teaching at CRBI is carried out according to the biblical principle of “rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15) in light of the distinctive message of God’s matchless grace revealed to and through the apostle Paul. CRBI promotes the universal proclamation of “Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery.” (Rom. 16:25)

Following are answers to the most frequently asked questions about CrossRoads Bible Institute:

Q.   Who should consider attending CRBI?

A.   CRBI can help those who have a heartfelt desire to devote their lives to the ministry to prepare themselves  to effectively
 serve the Lord. CRBI accepts both men and women as students.

Q.   If I am not planning to be a pastor or missionary or in full-time ministry, can I still attend CRBI?

A.   Yes, sound Bible training is important to all areas of the Christian life and ministry. So, CRBI is open to those wanting to  
       become better grounded in the Word. Our program would benefit any believer, and is particularly helpful to those who
       want to be better prepared to serve in their local church.

Q.  Does CRBI offer correspondence courses?

 A.   CRBI believes that a classroom setting is important and the best way of teaching and personal training for the ministry.
       Interaction between fellow students and instructors is essential in the program of CRBI.  However, there are two
       independent study courses that can be taken on your own.  In addition, a Distance Education program is available
       online. Specifics are discussed in the course catalog.

Q.  When and where are classes held?

A.   CRBI offers classes on different days and times throughout the week to accommodate those students who also work
       full time. Classes are held at CrossRoads in Daytona Beach, Florida. Click here for directions.

Q.   What are CRBI’s standards for enrollment?

A.   Students must have a clear testimony of having trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, a sincere desire to know
      God’s Word “rightly divided,” a lifestyle that is honoring to the Lord, and be capable of doing college level work.

Q.   What are the age requirements for attending CRBI?

 A.   Students taking classes for “credit” must be 17 years or older (special consideration will be given to high school
       teenagers who have surrendered for full-time Christian service.)  CRBI has students as young as 15 and as old as 94.

Q.   How many classes per semester may students take?

A.   Students may take as many as all the courses offered or as few as one per semester, depending on their circumstances
      and purpose for attending. Students wanting  to complete the entire 3-year program usually follow the planned schedule,
take the required courses each semester, and work in their choices of electives.

Q.   What does it cost to attend CRBI?

A.   As the case with all the other ministries of CrossRoads, tuition at CRBI is free.  Funds to operate the Bible Institute are
      collected from students solely on a love offering basis. As a guideline to students, the average cost per student at other
      Bible Institutes is $50 per course. There is no registration or application fee, as well. Students are responsible, however,
      for the cost of textbooks, if required by the instructor. 

Q.   Why should I consider attending CRBI?

A.   CRBI has a workable and practical curriculum designed to give our students a solid understanding of the Bible, as well as
      a proper Bible interpretation.  This is mixed with a balanced approach to ministry and with instruction of how to effectively 
      teach the Word of God. All CRBI instructors are committed to the Word of God “rightly divided” and have valuable ministry
      experience and education.


If you would like to use your life to make a difference for Christ, then CRBI is a great training ground for you. For more information, contact Rich Costanza, Dean, CrossRoads Bible Institute @


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