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Application and Enrollment

All new students will be required to submit an Application for Enrollment prior to beginning classes. All applications should be turned in or mailed. Forms can also be downloaded from our Web site and submitted online. A processed and approved application will constitute enrollment into the Institute. An acceptance letter will be mailed or emailed to the student, as well.

CrossRoads admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, or physical handicap to all the rights, privileges, and activities generally accorded or made available to students.

A student may enter any semester in the three-year cycle of classes. While there are no lengthy application forms to complete, an orientation meeting with new students is required as part of the application process. We at the Institute know that we can serve students better if we know their backgrounds, their present situations, and their future goals.

The only students who will be allowed to take courses for credit will be high school graduates.  A copy of a high school or general equivalency diploma, high school transcript, or equivalent documentation must be submitted with application. 

Remedial support will be provided, if needed, for specially admitted students who may lack adequate readiness for college-level work.  The Institute may utilize a standardized test to determine if the student has the ability to succeed in this instructional program.  In addition, students having not previously completed a college English course are required to take EN101-English Grammar and Composition in their first semester of courses.  Students enrolled prior to Fall 2010 are exempt from this requirement, but must select an alternate course to satisfy the credit. 

Specially admitted High School seniors and juniors with at least a 3.0 grade point average may take a limited number of courses for credit. 

**Students that are enrolled in the Bible Institute should follow the course plan for your particular catalog year to meet requirements for graduation.  Catalog year is based on date of enrollment.  Students can change to any catalog year between when you began, and when you graduated.  A catalog year before date of enrollment may not be used. 

Transfer Credit

CrossRoads normally does not accept any courses via transfer from another educational institution. However, exceptions may be made solely at the discretion of the Academic Dean based on courses of similar content and interpretation in teaching. A transcript from the educational institution previously attended should be provided upon request for consideration for credit for prior learning and experience.

The transferability of courses taken at CrossRoads Bible Institute rests in the discretion of the receiving educational institution.


All students enrolled in CrossRoads Bible Institute must register at the designated times. Forms are available on the Web site or in the church lobby. Forms must be completed in their entirety. The classes must be marked as to whether they are to be taken for credit or audit. If credit, a diploma program needs to be selected. For help, call the office at (386) 760-4806.

Credit vs. Audit

Courses are offered for credit with a transcript grade. However, they may be audited, instead. An audit student is encouraged, but not required, to complete assignments or take any tests. Regular class attendance, however, is expected. A student must register for audit classes during regular registration.


All new students are required to attend the orientation session. Continuing students are encouraged to attend. This time is used to cover policies and procedures, provide updated information, introduce faculty, and handle additional registration of students.

Adding/Changing Courses

A course may be added no later than the second class meeting. A class may be changed from audit to credit, or vice-versa, no later than after completing the first quiz or test of the course.  A Change Form should be used.


It is very important that students remember the proper procedure as to how to withdraw from courses, so that there are no misunderstandings. A student wishing to withdraw from a course should inform the Administration (not the instructor of the class, though the instructor may be informed by the student as a common courtesy on the student’s part) about his decision to withdraw.  A Change Form should be used by the student. 

Students will be withdrawn from the Bible Institute after two regular semesters of inactivity.  If students desire to reenter the program, they must reapply and will be subject unto the current catalog year.

At the discretion of the Administration, an incomplete (I) may be given on a report card when a student could not finish a given semester because of serious sickness or some other uncontrollable reason. The grade of incomplete, however, is not given out for less than truly unusual circumstances. An incomplete must be made up as soon as possible, by arrangement with the instructor who gave the grade. A good guideline to follow is within two-three weeks after the course concludes.  After the agreed upon time period, the incomplete will be removed and replaced with a letter grade.

Repeat Courses

A student not satisfied with his grade for a course may repeat the course for a higher grade. The new grade will replace the old grade in computation of the grade point average.

Academic Advising & Counseling

The office is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. An appointment can be made with the Academic Director to discuss the Bible Institute or your personal academic plan within these hours. Special meeting time arrangements can be made also, by contacting the office at (386) 760-4806. Counseling for career, personal, or spiritual needs is also available to students.


CrossRoads Bible Institute tuition is on a strictly Love Offering basis. Any books, class supplies, etc., are the financial responsibility of the student.


As a ministry of CrossRoads, located in Daytona Beach, FL, all courses are held on church property and take place on different days and times. The classes that are 14-15 weeks long are one hour in length. The classes that are 7-8 weeks long are two hours in length, with a 15 minute break.

Class Attendance

Regular attendance at class sessions is expected on the part of all students. Attendance will be taken at every class. “Credit” students are allowed two absences in each class (one for a 7-8 week course) without penalty per semester. Excessive unexcused absences will result in a grade reduction or no credit for the class. Arrangements concerning make-up assignments should be made directly with the instructor. A successful audit (missing 2 or less class sessions) will be recorded on the transcript with the designation of X.

Class Information

A detailed list of any required materials will be included in the course material. All written assignments must be computer printed and submitted on 8.5 x 11 white paper. Additional guidelines will be distributed in class.  Graded course work will be returned.

Code of Conduct

Student demeanor should be such “as becometh saints” at all times, in and out of the classroom. The abuse or misuse of drugs, living openly in sin, and the like by a student are contrary to the good Christian witness and the training at CrossRoads Bible Institute. Attendance at CrossRoads Bible Institute is a privilege and not a right. Students forfeit this privilege if they choose not to conform to the standards of God’s Word. Disciplinary action will be taken by the Administration.  Dignity in appearance and behavior should mark the lives of all who sincerely desire to serve the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

Dress Code is as follows:
Men - a pullover or button-down collared shirt with dress pants or blue jeans (no shorts or tank tops).
Women - knee length dresses or skirts or loose fitting pants (no shorts or blue jeans). Tops should not be tight fitting, low cut, or see-through.

Grading Policy

The following indicates the basis for the assignment of grades and grade points per semester hour in the courses of study. Also indicated are the different designations for those who do not complete a course. All courses are worth one credit hour.

A 90–100 4 grade points
B 80–89 3 grade points
C 70–79 2 grade points
D 60–69 1 grade point
F Below 60 0 grade points
W Withdrawal
I Incomplete
AU Audit
UX Unsuccessful Audit (excessive absences)
RD Course repeated to raise grade (RTRG)

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The student’s GPA is the ratio of grade points received to the class hours attempted. It is computed by dividing the total grade points by the total number of hours attempted. The GPA is based on a four-point scale (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0).

Students graduating with a GPA of 3.50 or higher are considered to graduate with honors. The minimum GPA required for each level of honor is 3.50 - cum laude, 3.70 - magna cum laude, 3.90 - summa cum laude. The appropriate classification is noted on the graduate’s transcript.

Graduation Requirements

1.  Completing the courses with a passing grade.
2.  Submission of a complete graduation petition by the prescribed deadline.
3.  Participation in the commencement activities.

Church Attendance

CrossRoads Bible Institute expects students to worship the Lord faithfully in the services of the local church. Diploma-seeking students should endeavor to attend L.I.F.E. Group, and all services at CrossRoads Baptist Church and serve in a church ministry. Bible Institute courses are designed to supplement, not substitute for the teaching you receive from God’s Word in the local church.


Prospective students are allowed to visit classes only after clearing the visit through the church office. This must be done at least one week in advance so the instructors can be advised by the office staff prior to the day of attendance.


The Institute’s use of technology enhances student learning and is appropriate for meeting the objectives of its programs. Students have training in the use of technology, primarily through BI-211 Computer-Assisted Bible Study. Our computer lab is equipped and maintained for efficient use. The lab is open to students, outside of class time, by appointment only.

Library Services

CrossRoads Baptist Church has a library that houses numerous books, charts, commentaries, reference materials, videos, and other resources that are available to be checked out by students of the Bible Institute.

Christian Service

There will be many opportunities for ministry and community service provided for the Bible Institute student though the ministries of CrossRoads Baptist Church as well as working missions trips and educational field trips.

Student Housing

It is the student’s responsibility to find housing since the Institute does not provide dormitories or the like, but we would be glad to help direct you.

Field Education

In addition to the required and elective hours, a “credit” student will need one (1) course entitled CM390 - Field Education. This course is worth (3) credit hours.  The student must enroll and complete this course in his final semester before graduation.  These will be practical assignments of hands-on ministry experience under the mentorship of an experienced church leader and include a two-page typed report completed by the end of the semester.

The ministry chosen must be pre-approved by the Director and include such opportunities as Hospital Visitation, Jail Ministry, Sunday Schools, AWANA, Nursing Homes, Door to Door Visitation, Curriculum Writing, Bus Ministry and others. The two-page report should include an explanation of the ministry, the strengths and weaknesses of the ministry, suggestions for improvement, and your personal experiences.

Final Thesis Paper

In addition to the required and elective hourse, a "credit" student will need one (1) couse entitled BI390 - Biblical Research & Writing.  This course is worth (2) credit hours.  The student must enroll and complete this course in his final semester before graduation.

Independent Study Policy

Independent study or directed reading courses are carefully overseen by the Administration. The courses can be taken outside of the regular classroom schedule, on your own. Each student is allowed to take two of these courses as electives toward a diploma. The Administration will provide a list of course options available for the student, upon request.

Distance Education

CrossRoads Bible Insitute conveniently offers a distance education program on-line.  The entire Biblical Studies Program can be completed by those who live more than 20 miles from the campus.

Students who reside less than 20 miles from the Bible Institute may complete up to 25% of their 30 credit hour program with distance education courses.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that courses taken for distance education are registered as such.  DE courses must be taken only for credit, not audit.

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